To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 6
True Smile ~The Past, Friend, Smile And~
TLRD CH6 Cover
Volume 2
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Mikan Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 5
Uneasiness ~Peace And Anxiety~
Chapter 7
Worry ~Those Feelings... Blind~

Chapter 6: True Smile ~The Past, Friend, Smile And~ is the sixth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Yui's family sits down for dinner, and they start talking about Rito, which embarrasses Yui. Yuu then teases her by saying he wonders what Rito is up to right now. Meanwhile, Rito is trying to snap Mikan out of Azenda's control, but Yami tells him that there is no point. Yami refuses to fight Mikan, even though she is attacking her. Yami then tries to attack Azenda, but she has Mikan jump in the way. Azenda then asks Yami if her friend is really this important to her. Rito then tries to hold Mikan, but Azenda has her break free. Azenda then tells Yami that she has noticed how weak Yami has become, and she is going to use this to finish her off, getting revenge on Yami after all these years. Azenda then tells Yami to cry, and Yami gets angry, and jumps at Azenda. Once again Azenda uses Mikan, and knees Yami in the stomach. Yami then thinks to herself, that even if it costs her everything, she will protect Mikan. Mea watches the fight from a rooftop, and wonders why Yami isn't attacking. Azenda then taunts Yami, by having Mikan do Ecchi things to her. Azenda then tells Yami that she will finish them both off soon. Rito then interrupts her, telling her not to call Mikan or Yami unfortunate, nor to compare them to her. Azenda then jumps at Rito, who tells Yami to grab Mikan and run. Just as she is about to attack Rito, a rose falls and cuts Azenda's face. Azenda looks up to see Momo, who has come to look for Rito and Mikan. Azenda then asks why Momo is here, when she has no business with her. Momo tells her that everyone there is someone important to her. Azenda then decides to attack Momo as well, but Momo dodges all of her attacks. Azenda asks why she is only dodging, and Momo tells her that it would be unladylike to do so. Momo then tells Azenda that it's already over for her, and Azenda finds that she can't move. Momo then explains that the roses cut has sent a poison through Azenda's veins, paralyzing her. Momo then explains that the rose is not deadly, but then she summons some of her flowers from her D-Dial. Momo explains that she summoned a Cannon-Flower, that shoots out seeds the size of fists, and gives her an example, shooting a seed inches in front of Azenda's face. Reduced to a whimper, Azenda begs for her life, telling Momo she will do anything for her. Momo takes this into consideration, but declines. Mikan comes to, and asks Yami what happened to them. Yami hugs Mikan, and tells her that everything is fine, because she is unhurt. Yami then thanks Momo, but Momo says that she did what anyone would have done. Rito thanks Momo, and Momo blushes. Rito asks her what they should do with Azenada, who wasn't hit by the seed, but is foaming at the mouth on the ground. Yami holds her Taiyaki key-chain close to her heart, and says she now knows to rely on your friends when you're in trouble. Yami then tells Rito that she can't rely on him, and Mea wonders why Yami never fought back. Meanwhile, back at the Yuuki home, Lala, Nana, and Celine all sit starving, wondering where Rito and the others are.

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