Twin Escape is the one hundred and eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Gid tells Zastin that Nana and Momo have escaped to Earth, and Zastin assures him that he will capture them. Meanwhile, Mikan asks Rito to fill up a bath for her. While outside the door Rito notices noises coming from inside on the door and wonders who is in there. He opens the door to find Nana and Momo taking a bath. Nana throws a dish at him and calls him a peeping tom. Afterwards, Lala is ecstatic to see her sisters. Nana tells Lala that they couldn't have warned her because they were in some sort of a hurry. Momo then looks at her, shocked, and they shrug it off. Momo asks Lala if there has been any progress in her relationship, such as them kissing or more. Lala doesn't understand what she's implying and Rito is shocked. Nana then tells Lala that Rito peeped on her, and she doesn't think Rito is suitable for her, which Momo disagrees to. Momo then explains that Celine expressed her love for Rito. Momo then explains that she can talk with plant's hears, and Nana can do the same but with animals instead. Zastin and his assistants then come in through the window, and try to capture Nana and Momo, but they escape before he notices. Lala then states that they are so troublesome for running away from home, which Rito remarks that she shouldn't talk. Momo then blames Nana for wanting to run away. Nana then states that Momo is always trying to act like a good girl, and it's no wonder why she is the superior of the twins. Momo then grabs Nana's tail in spite, Nana then does the same. Zastin arrives and tells his guards that the twins will be easy to catch. Nana then uses her D-Dial to summon a giant boar who charges at Zastin and his men. Nana then summons a giant tree (Similar to the one in chapter 69) who also attacks Zastin. The animals then attack Rito and Mikan as well, and Lala is impressed by the rare friends the twins have. Later, Gid receives a transmission from Earth. The twins then tell him that they are going to stay on Earth for a bit longer, and Zastin apologizes for failing him. Gid then calls Zastin and his men incompetent fools.

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