To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 26
Uncounsciously ~Head Hazy? Heart Pounding~
TLRD CH26 Cover
Volume 7
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Haruna Sairenji
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 25
New Move ~Birds of a Feather~
Chapter 27
Adventure ~Rito Mouse's Adventure~

Chapter 26: Uncounsciously ~Head Hazy? Heart Pounding~ is the twenty-sixth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


After school, Haruna leaves right after her tennis club finished when she spots Nana who stayed in due to not knowing Earth history very well, she comes over and gives Haruna a Deviluke sports drink that she got from Zastin which she seems to enjoy. Nana asks Haruna if she had made any progress with Rito lately, surprised by what she just said Haruna wonders why would she ask that all of a sudden, Nana just claims it's been on her mind a little (while remembering about the hug she had with Rito). Nana easily reads Haruna's body language knowing that her progress isn't going well, she explains that she told her feelings to Lala and how that they would do thier best for love, and how only one can be with Rito. However, Momo who over heard conversation explains to them that since Rito will be the next king of Deviluke, it will be possible for him to be with both her and Lala. Haruna is surprised by what Momo just said and now understands Lala's reason for encouraging her but doesn't know what to do with this new found possibility, Nana however is completely against it.

Suddenly, Haruna starts acting weird and when Rito shows up, he notes that she might be drunk due to the drink she had earlier since it's made with Deviluke herbs. Rito wonders if she can get home like this, Momo suggests for him to take her which Haruna seem very happy about, Nana also wants to come along but is stop by Momo who tells her that it's good chance for Haruna to be alone with him. Rito carries Haruna on his shoulder when they come across the Principal on the way who also notices her strange behavior, Rito distracts him by saying Yami is nearby which he takes his clothes off  and runs off looking for her, giving the a chance to get away.

They arrive at Haruna's apartment and is about to leave but Haruna asks him to look after her with a sad face on. Rito brings a drink for Haruna in her room only to find her undressing for feeling hot, he accidentally steps on Maron's tail who bites his leg causing him to spill the water all over her, Rito goes to get a towel but Haruna grabs and pushes him onto her bed where she clings onto him all wet with his face on her chest. Rito tries to get away but Haruna continues to hold onto him with his hand in between her legs which she calls him ecchi for, she asks if he doesn't like clinging to her but he says otherwise which makes her happy. Haruna asks him if he married a lot of girls at once, would he able to love them all, because she thinks that everyone would what to monopolize the one they love. But he asks her why is she asking him that, just when it seems that she was about to confess, she returns to normal and backs away from him and covers herself.

Haruna's older sister, Akiho comes home and enters the room but to her surprise to find the situation they're in and getting the wrong idea, when they couldn't find a proper explanation Rito runs off, Akiho apologizes for intruding but Haruna still tries to explain that it's not what it looks like. As Rito walks home he comes across Momo who happens to have been watching and says it was so close in many ways, Rito mentions what Haruna said about "monopolizing the one they love" meaning the harem plan wouldn't work, however Momo notes that he doesn't understand thing called "a women's heart", thus leaving him confused. Back at Haruna's home, her older sister continues to apologize to her for what happened.

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