Under The Fireworks is the one hundred and eleventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yami tries to draw the assassin out, but he tells her that he fights in darkness. Yami then grabs Rito and runs away from the public. Rito notices that Yami is actually quite compassionate for caring about others so much. Yui then arrives to the festival, wondering why she took so long. Yui then imagines Rito complimenting her on her Yukata, but shrugs this off immediately. Yui then runs into Nana and Momo, and travels with them. They see Rito and Yami running away while getting attacked and wonders what that is all about. In the woods, Yami recalls the assassin's name is Ronjula. The assassin then shows up and Rito demands to know why he is after him. Yami then pushes Rito out of the way from the assassin's threads, and tells him to hide. Too shocked to do so, Rito is trapped in close with Yami, and she tells him that he is stupid. The assassin then taunts Yami. Meanwhile, on the roof, Lala, Haruna, and Mikan wonder where Rito is. Just then Locaspo appears, the same man who hired Yami to assassinate Rito in chapter 35.

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