To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 5
Uneasiness ~Peace And Anxiety~
TLRD CH5 Cover
Volume 2
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Mikan Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 4
Exciting Squall
Chapter 6
True Smile ~The Past, Friend, Smile And~

Chapter 5: Uneasiness ~Peace And Anxiety~ is the fifth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Mea, acting as a representative to Nemesis (Her master), greets a strange alien women. The alien then gets annoyed, and wonders why Mea has summoned her to fight Yami, but Mea says she is only relaying her master's message. The alien then tells Mea that she has been searching for Yami for a long time, and plans to kill her, and leaves. Mea then calls her a nasty person, but Nemesis tells her to let it be. Nemesis then explains that she is an assassin named Azenda the Tyrant, who is the past fought Yami and lost. Azenda wants revenge, and it is the perfect way to jump-start Yami's fighting instinct. Nemesis then says that Yami will kill Rito afterwards, and Mea stops and thinks about what Nana said about Rito in chapter 3. Mea wonders if Yami kills Rito, what Nana would think. Nemesis then tells her not to get sidetracked, and reminds her that she and Yami are just weapons, with not other functions in life. Meanwhile, Yami stands on a poll wondering how long it has been since she came to Earth, and wonders if she can stay. Yami recalls what Nemesis said in chapter 1, and wonders if it's true. Then the principal interrupts her thought, telling her to go for a jog with him. Naturally the principal is beaten by Yami. Meanwhile, at the Yuuki residence, Mikan wakes up and notices that Celine isn't in her room. The Momo overhears a conversation Rito and Momo are having in his room, and misinterprets it for being something much more naughty (Similar to Chapter 143 in the original series, when she misinterpreted Rito and Lala). Mikan slams open the door, but notices that they are just playing video games with Celine watching. They explained that Celine woke Rito and Momo (who was sleeping in her own room for once) up, and made them play. Mikan and Momo then leave the room, and Momo asks what Mikan thought was happening. Momo then tells Mikan that her job is to help the love between Rito and Lala. Momo then goes to shower, and wonders why the barrier was destroyed outside the house in the last chapter. Momo then wonders if it was an attack on Rito's life, and realizes that she has to become closer with Yami, so she can be certain that Yami won't attack Rito. Momo then walks in on Nana trying on her bra, and teases her about it, stating that Rito won't mind if she is flat-chested. Nana then yells at Momo, while Rito, Lala, and Celine are in the garden. At school, Run comes running up to Rito, telling him that her tour is finally over. She runs up to hug him, but Rito says the because she's an idol, she shouldn't. Run then tells Rito how happy she is that he is worried about her. Yui then comes up, and she, Rito, and Run get in an argument about shameless behavior, which Lala and Haruna walk in on, surprised to see. Lala then tells Haruna that they should join in on the fun, and Haruna thinks to herself that she needs to be more assertive. Oshizu then decides that she will use her telekinesis to help Haruna. Oshizu picks up Haruna, and throws her into Rito's face, panties first. Risa and Mio tell Yami that she should join in too, but Yami says she doesn't feel like it. Yami then runs into Mikan, and invites her out for some Taiyaki. Yami then thinks to herself that when she feels alone, she wants to see Mikan. Mikan then talks to Yami about how clingy Momo is to Rito. Mikan then asks Yami why she seems down, and Yami wonders how she is able to tell. Mikan then gives Yami a Taiyaki key-chain, and tells her that they match, because she has one as well. Yami is touched, and thanks Mikan. From a distance, Azenda watches Yami, and thinks to herself that Yami is acting weak, just as her Intel told her. Later, Mikan and Yami split up to go home, and Yami feels better thanks to Mikan. Rito then runs into Yami, Rito explains that he was out buying materials for his dad. Yami then tells Rito that she was just with Mikan, and Rito thanks her. Rito explains that even though Mikan looks alright, she can get very lonely, so a friend like Yami is very important to her. Rito then tells Yami that Mikan thinks of her as her Onee-Chan, and Yami tells Rito that she felt warm when she meet up with Mikan, and everyone at school, but there's also another part of her that shoots down all of her happiness. Yami then states that she can't be happy, and wonders why she is telling Rito this, and not Mikan. Rito tells her not to think so hard about it, and that she should just do what she wants to do, and tells her to take it easy. Yami says in that case, she feels like killing Rito, which horrifies him, but Yami smiles and tells Rito it was a joke. Yami tells Rito that he's simple, but it's fine, and she feels better after talking to him. Just then, Azenda sends bikes flying at Rito and Yami, but Yami grabs Rito, and they dodge them. Yami recognizes her, and tells Rito who she is, and how she attacks. Yami tells Rito that Azenda will have no chance against her transformation-attacks. Azenda then tells her that she takes pride in her work, and that Earthlings are so easy to manipulate into her puppets. Azenda then has Mikan come out, under her control, much to Yami's horror.

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