To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 20
Uneasy ~Hearts bewilderment~
TLRD CH20 Cover
Volume 5
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 19
Nostalgia ~Back Then, At That Place~
Bangaihen 5
Flower ~Budding Feelings~

Chapter 20: Uneasy ~Hearts bewilderment~ is the twentieth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Mea reflects on her life, stating that before she came to Sainan she lived by fighting, while being guarded by Nemesis. Mea then wonders why she hasn't heard from Nemesis in two weeks. Nana then interrupts Mea's thoughts, and asks whats wrong. Mea tells her that everything's alright. Nana tells Mea about a cake shop that has undergone remodeling and asks if she wants to go. Mea initials seems very excited, but she declines stating that she has something to do. Nana then overhears a member of the VMC talking to Momo. Nana asks what's so great about Momo, but when Nana turns around, she is surprised to see Mea leaving. Meanwhile Rito is helping Tearju carry class-materials. Tearju then asks Rito if he has noticed Mea acting differently. Rito says that he hasn't noticed anything different with Mea, but rather Yami, who hasn't been coming to school recently. Tearju then asks Rito to introduce her to Mikan soon. Tearju tells Rito that because Mikan is Yami's best friend, she wants to meet her. Rito then notices Mea sitting by herself on top of the school. Rito recalls that Momo told him to try and stay away from Mea, but Rito ignores it, and go to see Mea. Mea notices Rito arriving and asks why he is still at school. Rito asks why she is dressed differently and Mea tells him that it is her true assassin form. Rito then asks Mea if she was bothered by what Tearju said earlier (Chapter 16). Mea shrugs it off, and says that she only listens to her master. Rito then asks Mea if she has ever thought her Master might not always be truthful. Mea then gets hostile and asks if Rito is saying that her master is wrong. Mea then states that Rito needs to be punished and takes over his body, using her psychic abilities. Mea then decides to make Rito uncomfortable by using his body to lick her. Mea states that she can feel Rito's emotions while she is controlling him, stating that he has a ecchi side to him. Rito then tells Mea that he can sense her emotions too, Rito tells Mea that he can sense her loneliness, and that she is like a child, all on her own. Rito tells Mea that she's not alone, in reality she has many friends in Sainan, like Nana. Mea insists that she only wants to follow her master's orders and observe Yami. Rito then asks Mea if it was her master's orders when she saved Nana in chapter 7. Rito then tells her how truly happy Nana is with their friendship. However, Mea and Rito are interrupted by three aliens. The aliens are out for revenge on Mea, because of encounters with her in the past. Mea destroyed one of the alien's pirate crew, and caused another to have to be put in a cyborg suit. The third alien doesn't say what Mea did, but they have spent the last two years training to avenge whatever it was. The three aliens resolve to ask Mea which one she wants to be killed by. However, Mea doesn't remember any of them, which infuriates all three of them. Mea quickly grabs Rito, and starts to flee. Rito asks who they are, and Mea tells Rito that before she came to Earth, she worked as a bounty hunter and had to collect information on Yami, leading to some grudges. Mea then wonders how the aliens found her. One of the aliens overhears Mea, and tells her that Nemesis told them where she was. Mea is so shocked that she freezes up for a minute, enough time for one of the aliens to try and attack her. Mea's killer instinct is then restored, and she easily defeats the three aliens, stating how wonderful it feels to be a weapon. Mea also resolves that her master sent the aliens after her to restore this feeling. Meanwhile, Nana is walking in town, thinking to herself how Mea seemed preoccupied, and how she wishes Mea would tell her what's wrong. Nana then sees Mea fighting the aliens, and is shocked to see her fighting, and acting so sadistic. The two then make eye contact.

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