The Venus Momo Club, or "VMC" for short, is a fan club for Momo Belia Deviluke, with Nakajima as the one in charge. It is completely comprised of all the love-struck boys who are in love with Momo. They take their work very seriously, having a club song for her, and demanding all boys to require their permission to talk to her.

Actions Edit


VMC guarding Momo.

The club members are essentially all luckless losers who are in love with Momo, but decided not to fight among each other, and decided to love her equally together. They appear to have nothing better to do than to follow her around, worship her and cater to her every whim. Their services include, but not limited to, shining her desk, carrying her things like books, opening and closing doors, and escorting her everywhere to presumably protect her. They would even line up along a stairway just to welcome her across it.


VMC lining up on stairs.

And when Momo goes someplace where boys are not allowed, like the girls locker rooms, they would wait outside the building while fantasizing about her, but almost all the members refuse to fantasize overly obscene delusions about her (with the exception of Nakajima), thinking it will corrupt them and Momo's innocence and purity, who ironically is not so innocent or pure and is more perverted herself than they realize. They hope that someday Momo will choose one among them to love. They once stated they will even put their own lives at stake just to protect her.

Momo's thoughts on them Edit

Momo TLRD EP12 03

Momo is annoyed by the VMC.

At first Momo thought it was cute, but soon they started following her around constantly to protect her, essentially preventing boys, or anyone, from talking with her, and inadvertently stopping her from being able to meet anyone. She quickly grew very annoyed by their constant watch and them obnoxiously forming blockades around her and preventing her from seeing Rito or any of her friends, or advance The Harem Plan. She often ditches them to be with Rito or to be alone. Everytime time they find her to talk to her, or present a new theme song about her, she feels that they caught her, clearly feeling that she doesn't want to be around them.

Thoughts on Rito Edit

Rito Momo TLRD EP12 02

Rito doing lewd thing to Momo in Nakajima's imagination.

Rito Yuuki is public enemy number one to them, thinking he is just a cold-hearted womanizer. It does not help that Yui Kotegawa's tsundere attitude often brings up Rito during moral committee meetings to accuse him of being as dangerous as the Principal. At first they think that Rito would horrible things to Momo for his own pleasure, like kidnap her put her in a chain tied to a wall and force her to eat melting ice cream in a bathing suit, or stuff water balloons into her yukata, though it's clear that these are just Nakajima's own perverted fantasies of Momo.


Rito is caught by VMC.

One time they found Rito with Momo alone together in an equipment shed and without thinking, they proceeded to barrage Rito mafia-style with air soft guns as punishment for trapping her, not knowing that actually Momo lured him there. This sparked evil Momo and told them to apologize to Rito and never hurt him again. This, however, received an even more abnormal reaction from them, and they found great sensation and pleasure just being punished by her.



Their club logo consists of a symbol that looks like an upside down heart (thus naming the club "Venus", the goddess of love), or a Japanese peach (in Japanese, "Momo" means peach), or a spade with devilish wings below it. It also has a huge M in the center (futher symbolising Momo) and an upside down spade above it.


  • There was a similar fan club for Nana, which had fewer members, but it didn't last very long, being that she took umbrage for them saying they like small-breasted women.
  • In Darkness Chapter 23, it shows that the club also has its own merchandise (such as shirts, flags, and fans) with the club's logo on it, suggesting the club receives funding from an unknown source.
  • The club's recruitment poster is often seen hanging in the school hallways, alongside warning posters of the Principal.


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