War At The Public Bathhouse Part 2 (お風呂場戦争2 Ofuroba sensō ni) is the eighty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Lala tries to help Rito, but the bounty hunters tell her about the bomb in the device. Tiger then makes Rito grab Yami and runs her into a wall. Rito apologizes, and realizes that Yami held back for his sake. Yami then kicks Rito off of her, while Mikan goes to look for the men. Yami is surprised when Mikan refers to her as her friend. Tiger then makes Rito pull of Haruna's towel. When Lala tries to stop him, Tiger makes Rito grab Lala's chest. Panther then reiterates the mission to Tiger, who goes to tear Yami's towel off. Realizing that there is a camera in the device, Yami covers it with her towel. Peke then comes in and Lala asks her for the all purpose tool. Mikan then overhears the bounty hunters fighting in a garbage can. Mikan then kicks over the can, and calls Yami. Tiger tries to get Rito to come, but the controls don't work. Lala then comes in with Rito, controlling him with an even stronger controller. Lala then tells Rito that she put in an acceleration system so that he will move faster. Rito then runs into the bounty hunters and sends them flying into the air and knocks them out. Yami then thanks Lala and Mikan for helping. Lala then asks Haruna if she wants to try controlling Rito. Haruna passes but Yami asks if she can try it next.

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