Wonder Drug is the one hundred and twentieth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

One of the class representatives comes up to Rito, asking him to bring Yui her homework, because she is home sick. At her home, Yui takes her temperature, and her brother brings her some food and medicine. Rito then rings the doorbell, and thinks to himself that he gets butterflies in his stomach when he goes into a girls house. Yuu then opens the door, remembering Rito from chapter 86. Yuu then tells Rito to go and bring Yui the work. Rito then walks in on Yui with her robe down, and Yui throws a dish at him. Yui then criticizes Rito for barging into her room, and he apologizes. Rito then gives her the homework, and asks her how she is feeling. Rito is then revealed to hear that she is doing better. Both of them nervously sit, trying to think of something to say. Rito then tries to ask Yui something, and she notices how serious he seems. But Rito only asks her if she likes cats, grabbing one of her plush-cats. Yui then reaches for the doll, asking him to give it back, but slipping off the bed. Rito catches her, but ends up grabbing her chest. Just then Yuu walks in, bringing her some coffee. He then notices the position she is in, and misunderstands it. Yuu then thinks to himself that his plan for Yui to find love has already progressed so well. Rito then apologizes to Yui, who takes the blame for it. Just then, Lala, Run, Yami, Oshizu, and Haruna come to visit Yui as well. They all then notices Rito, and Run asks if he was really just there for business. They all brought Yui something, Yami some taiyaki, and Oshizu some pills from Mikado-Sensei, which Yui decides to pass on.

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