Wonderful Love is the one hundred and fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Haruna is out taking Maron for a walk one night when she notices that she is being followed. Meanwhile Rito and Lala walk into Mikado-Sensei's office, noticing an alien who disguises himself as a human. Oshizu is now Mikado-Sensei's assistant, and lives at her clinic. Lala then gives Mikado-Sensei some medical supplies, then they all leave to go shopping. The group then runs into Haruna who explains that she is being chased by a strange man. The group then resolves to help Haruna. Lala changes bodies with Haruna using one of her inventions to capture the criminal. Lala then goes to take Maron on a walk in the area to catch the man. Rito then finds Haruna in Lala's body extremely cute and gets nervous. The man then goes to grab Lala, who grabs him but he breaks free easily because Lala doesn't have her strength. Oshizu then jumps out and fights the man with her mental powers. In the process Oshizu tears open Lala's shirt right in front of Rito and Haruna, but Peke says he will fix her shirt for her. Oshizu then beats the man with a park bench. The man then tells the group that he had no intention of capturing Haruna, but rather Maron. The person then pulls off their mask, revealing themselves to be a Doldog-Person (A human-dog alien mix). This scares Oshizu who beats the person up more. Mikado-Sensei then tells Oshizu that an assistant who increases the number of injured people is not good, and Oshizu apologizes.

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