To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 7
Worry ~Those Feelings...Blind~
TLRD CH7 Cover
Volume 2
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Rito Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 6
True Smile ~The Past, Friend, Smile And~
Chapter 8
A Man? Woman? ~The Changing Ones~

Chapter 7: Worry ~Those Feelings... Blind~ is the seventh chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Nana is enjoying swimming in the school's pool, and some of the teachers are really impressed by her abilities. Mea sits off to the side of the pool, wondering why Yami didn't attack Azenda. Mea then recalls Yami telling her that while they are weapons, that's not all they are in life, and that Yami has learned to rely on her friends. Mea then recalls that she doesn't understand human contact, and that she has been alone her entire life. Nana comes up to Mea, and asks her why she looks so sad. Mea tells her that she had a fight with her sister, and Nana tells her not to worry, and that she and Nana make up quickly after fights. Mea then yells that that is because she has known Momo all her life, and this leaves Nana in shock. Yami watches this, and Momo comes up asking Yami if she has complicated feelings. Momo then recalls that after they beat Azenda, Yami told Rito and Momo about who Mea really is, and her master's intentions. Momo then tells Yami that she has not choice but to considers Mea a threat, and Yami tells her that that's fine. Later, Nana walks up to Rito in the hallway, and asks him what she should do regarding Mea. Rito suggests that she does something for Mea, recalling in the past, when Mikan was feeling down, he would make faces and do anything to cheer her up. Nana thanks Rito and runs off. Lala then comes around a corner, having seen the entire thing, and thanks Rito for helping out Nana. Lala tells Rito that Nana is really still a child, and that Mea is her first real friend. Rito then mentions how Yami was able to become more social as well, and Lala wonders what Yami has to do with this. Meanwhile, Nana takes Mea to go see Maron, and Mea laughs at his silly face. Rito, Haruna, and Momo all watch from a distance. Momo then tells Rito to go spend some time with Haruna. Nana then uses her D-Dial to summon more or her pets, and Momo notices that Mea seems to be truly enjoying herself. Maron and some of the other pets, jump on Mea, and start licking her. Jealous, some of the other animals start to jump on Nana and lick her. Rito and Haruna run up to try and help, but Nana drops her D-Dial, summoning giant-squid and giant-octopus like creatures. They then grab Rito and strip and molest Haruna, and Momo goes to try and help them. Nana goes to look for her D-Dial, but a monkey has it, and runs off with it. Nana grabs it, but ends up in the street with a car coming. Mea jumps out and grabs her, but she wonders if she transforms her master will be angry, but she doesn't care. Mea then turns her hair into a claw, and is about to attack the driver, when someone calls out for her not to. Just then, Lala and Yami come flying down, and stop the car. Afterwards, Nana apologizes to everyone, but Mea asks her why she is apologizing. Mea tells her that she really enjoyed this, and that animals are real fun. Mea then goes up to Rito, and tells him that she enjoys being licked, and asks Rito to lick her next time, much to everyone's horror. Lala then tells Mea that Nana did all this to cheer her up, and Mea wonders what the warm feeling in her chest is. Rito then tells Momo that he knew Mea was a good girl, and Momo asks if she should consider her for the Harem Plan. Momo then realizes that there's too many concerns with Mea right now. Momo then thinks to herself that it would be ideal to have Mea as an ally. Meanwhile, Mea's master watches all of this from far away.

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