You've Come To Play (お遊戯しましょ♪ Oyūgi shimasho ♪)
is the eighty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Run has a strange, skunk-like animal delivered to her. Apparently, this animal turns whoever it sprays young, and she plans to use this on Lala as revenge. As Run goes to grab the skunk, it sprays her. At school, a younger Run comes up to Rito crying, asking for help in finding the skunk. Lala sees the skunk and tries to catch it. The skunk sprays her, turning her into a child as well. In the school, Haruna and Yui think the skunk is cute and pet it. Rito tries to stop them from getting too close to it, but it sprays Yui. Yui blames Rito for this, and he ignores her, telling Haruna to take care of her. Yui then starts to cry, claiming that she doesn't like to be ignored. Next, Risa, Mio, and some other girls get sprayed. Rito's teacher Honegawa then gets sprayed. Honegawa looks so much more different, that Rito doesn't recognize him at all. Yami then gets sprayed, and punches the principal, who is still trying to get her gym uniform. Meanwhile, Haruna tries to calm the group of kids. Run goes to catch the skunk, and does but falls off the roof it was on. Lala manages to grab her with one of her inventions. Run is then shocked that Lala saved her, and tries to apologize for being so mean. Lala pulls Run up, but has a problem controlling her powers and throws Run too far. Run is once again angry at Lala. Mikado-Sensei tells Haruna that the effects of the gas will wear off soon.

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