You Are The Lovely Cinderella is the one hundred and sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

In class, Saruyama explains to Rito that he has fallen in love at first sight, which Lala overhears. Saruyama then describes Riko to Rito and Lala tells him that she will make an invention that will find her and she will set up a date. On the roof, Rito explains to Lala that the girl Saruyama was referring to was him as a girl. Lala is happy that they don't have to waste time searching for the girl Saruyama likes. The next day Saruyama waits for Riko. Lala uses her new invention "Changeing-Boy-Girl-Kun to turn Rito into a girl. Riko introduces herself, and Lala tells Saruyama that Riko is a distant relative of Rito's. Rito then resolves to just go with the flow and go to a movie with Saruyama. The movie is a romantic film, and during it Saruyama tries to hold Riko's hand. The two run into Yui who tells Riko that something reminds her of someone. Saruyama then tells her that Riko is a relative of Rito and this makes Yui nervous, and she leaves. Yui tells them not to do anything offensive, which makes Saruyama drool at the thought of it. Mikan and Yami are hanging out, when Mikan spots Rito. Mikan wonders if Rito enjoys it, but is interrupted by Yami. =Meanwhile, Riko and Saruyama take a break on a park bench, and Saruyama apologizes for scaring her the first time they met in chapter 101. Suddenly, Riko starts to smoke and itch, and turns back into a boy. Rito then runs off right as Saruyama is confessing his feelings. Lala then finds Rito and apologizes for the effects wearing off quickly. Haruna then sees Rito dressed like a girl and runs off claiming that she didn't see anything. Meanwhile, Saruyama rationalizes that Riko had to go somewhere and that's why she had to leave so suddenly.

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